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ETPro Client cvars and commands

By The Birdman & =FF=im2good4u

This list contains all ETPro client cvars and commands (hopefully).

We have tried to include as much information in each description as possible, but some might require more explaining, so links to other pages here or the forums have been added.

Note: If there is any ETPro client cvars/commands that you think we have omitted or any that you think the description is wrong then pm me here, if you don't know how to edit this page. Before pm’ing/editing are you sure it’s an ETPro cvar/command and not another mods or an ETmain one, if it is ETPro then either edit or let me know what cvar/command we’ve omitted, adding a short description of what it’s use is, if known to you. If you think a description is wrong, quote the cvar/command and it’s description adding your description of it or edit.

Apologies for all the ..... to try create new lines or push things along to create a line so things look a bit better in some of the description sections, but i couldn't start new lines using the pitatable.


Most of these cvars are either 0 (disabled) or 1 (enabled), those that differ I have included the values in the description. See Bitmask-cvar for more information on bit mask cvars.

Cvar Purpose
b_altHud Controls which hud design you use, default 0 (normal hud), valid values 0, 1, 2 and 3. Three is custom mode where you can drag and drop the hud objects (i.e. compass, chargebar etc) where you would like them, but work was never finished on this.
b_altHudFlags Bitmask for controlling various hud settings if b_altHud = 1 or 2, default 0, valid values 0-7................... 1 = Move round timer, 2 = Don't display rank in hud, 3 = RTCW-ish message placement, 4 = Custom (drag and drop not working, coding was never finished)
b_antilag Controls whether shots are lag-compensated by the server, default 1, enabled, valid values 0,1,2........... 0 = Disabled, 1 = ETPro antilag enabled (best), 2 = ETmain antilag enabled
b_backupcvars Controls whether backup files are made when ETPro cvar restrictions are applied, default 1, enabled.
b_beginround Assign commands to this and they will be automatically executed at the start of new a round/map. See also b_endround.
b_centeredWeapons Centers weapon models on entity origins, making weapon pickup more predictable. default 1 = enabled, 0 old ET way.
b_chatAlpha Defines the alpha of the chat text, default 0.33, valid values 0.0 – 1.0, (0.0 = 100% transparent).
b_chatFlags Controls whether the team flag is drawn by each chat text, default 1, enabled.
b_chatsounds Controls playing a sound with chats, default 0, disabled.
b_cmdwarnings Controls notifications from the tjl_* commands, default 1, enabled.
b_debugfakebmodel Controls debugging EF_FAKEBMODEL brushes in map scripts, default 0, disabled, (cheat protected).
b_debuglocations Bitmask to enable debugging/design aids for location names. Works with external dats as well as target_location ents, default 0, valid values: 0 - 31, (cheat protected).................................................. 1 = Draw a bubble sprite at each location marker. The nearest location is drawn in green, with all the others being drawn in red...... 2 = Add a dynamic light at each location marker. The nearest location is lit in red, with all the others being lit in green...... 4 = Draw floating text at each location marker containing the location's name. The nearest location is colored green instead of white...... 8 = Send updates to other players when a location is added, deleted, or renamed. This function is designed to allow several people to work on adding locations to a level simultaneously...... 16 = Accept updates to locations from other players who are using b_debuglocations 8.
b_demo_autotimescale Controls the timescale to switch to when a weapon set in b_demo_autotimescaleweapons is fired, default 1.
b_demo_autotimescaleweapons Bitmask to automatically change the timescale when a certain type of weapon is fired, default 0, disabled, valid values 0 – 31. 1 = Panzerfaust, 2 = Grenade, 4 = Dynamite, 8 = Mortar, 16 = Smoke grenades and airstrike markers
b_demo_drawspectatormessages Controls whether "spectator/weaponcam/shoutcaster/etc" overlay is drawn in demo playback, default 1, enabled.
b_demo_dynamitecam Controls whether to attach the camera to dynamite during demo playback, default 0, disabled.
b_demo_dynamitecounter Controls drawing a floating counter above armed dynamite during demo playback and when spectating as a shoutcaster, default 0, disabled.
b_demo_followxDistance Controls camera offset when attached to a weapon, default 50.
b_demo_followyDistance Controls camera offset when attached to a weapon, default 0.
b_demo_followzDistance Controls camera offset when attached to a weapon, default 20.
b_demo_freecamspeed Controls the freecam movement speed, default 800.
b_demo_grenadecam Controls whether to attach the camera to these types of grenades during demo playback, default 0, valid values 0, 1, 2, 3.................. 0 = Disabled, 1 = Grenades (hand-thrown thrown and rifle grenades), 2 = Airstrike markers, smoke grenades, 3 = 1 and 2
b_demo_lookat Causes the freecam to lock its view on the specified player (i.e. /b_demo_lookat clientnum), default –1, disabled. To get client numbers in demos see b_demo_nametags for explanation.
b_demo_mortarcam Controls whether to attach the camera to mortars during demo playback, default 0, disabled.
b_demo_nametags Bitmask controlling how floating names above each player are drawn during demo playback and when spectating as a shoutcaster, default 0, valid values 0-15............ 0 = Disabled, 1 = Draw visible players, 2 = Draw all players, 4 = Draw the player's client number, 8 = Draw the player's class.
b_demo_nopitch Controls whether the camera pitch’s while it's attached to weapons, default 1, enabled (no pitch).
b_demo_panzercam Controls whether to attach the camera to panzers during demo playback, default 0, disabled.
b_demo_pitchturnspeed Defines the pitch turn speed while using the +freecam_* commands (demo playback only), default 140, see also b_demo_rollspeed and b_demo_yawturnspeed
b_demo_playersprites Controls whether the floating sprites (e.g. voicechat, objective, invulnerability, fireteam, and connection markers) are drawn above players' heads in demo playback, default 1, enabled.
b_demo_pvshint Controls whether to draw a line from the freecam origin to the origin of the demo recorder, default 0, disabled.
b_demo_rollspeed Defines the roll speed while using the +freecam_* commands (demo playback only), default 140, see also b_demo_pitchturnspeed and b_demo_yawturnspeed
b_demo_teamonlymissilecam Controls whether to attach the camera to weapons fired by demo recorders team only, default 0, disabled.
b_demo_yawturnspeed Defines the yaw turn speed while using the +freecam_* commands (demo playback only), default 140, see also b_demo_rollspeed and b_demo_pitchturnspeed
b_demorecord_statusline Controls the y offset of the demo/tjl/tjg recording status line. Use -1 to disable these status lines completely, default: 470, valid values -1, 0 - 480.
b_descriptiveTextscale Controls the limbo hud text size, default 0.8.
b_dinghy Have no idea what this does, or maybe we do.
b_drawclock Controls whether to show a clock with your local time on the hud, default 0, disabled.
b_drawPromotions Controls whether the rank promotion messages are shown (and whether sounds played) when receiving a promotion, default 1, enabled.
b_drawranks Controls whether ranks of other players are drawn when using cg_crosshairnames, default 1, enabled.
b_drawRewards Controls whether skill level increases and reward messages are shown (and whether sounds played), default 1, enabled.
b_drawspectatoralpha Defines the alpha of the "spectator", "shoutcaster", "freecam", etc. notices (0 = 100% transparent), default 1, valid values 0.00 - 1.00
b_drawspectatorteamflags Controls whether to draw a small team flag beside the player name when following players in spectator mode, default 1, enabled.
b_drawspeed Controls whether to draw a speedometer on the hud, default 0, valid values 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5................... 0 = Disabled..... 1, 5 = Draw a speedometer....... 2, 4 = Draw a speedometer and the maximum speed reached...... 3, 4, 5 = Draw a speed graph if the lagometer is not being drawn
b_endround Assign commands to this and they will be automatically executed at round end. See also b_beginround.
b_fireteamAlpha Defines the alpha of the fireteam overlay, (0 = 100% transparent), default 1.0, valid values 0.00 – 1.00.
b_fireteamLatchedClass Controls showing latched player class instead of rank in fire team hud display, default 1, enabled.
b_goatsound Controls whether a sound is played on knife kills, default 1, enabled.
b_hitsounds Controls whether to enable hit sounds, default 0, valid values 0, 1, 2............ 0 = disabled, 1 = enabled, 2 = enabled for headshots only
b_hudYoffset Moves the hud so it is out of the way of the demo status line. Set to 0 to move the hud flush with the edge of the screen, default 10.0, valid values 0 – 640.
b_killshot_delay Determines the time in milliseconds to take an automatic screenshot after a kill, default 0, disabled.
b_lagometerAlpha Defines the alpha of the lagometer, default 1.0, valid values 0.00 – 1.0 (0 = 100% transparent). Link at the bottom of page for more info about the lagometer.
b_locationJustify Controls justification of locations in fire team hud, default 0....................... -1 = left justify with padding, 0 = left justify no padding, 1 = right justify with padding
b_locationMaxChars Controls the number of characters of location names in the Fireteam hud, default 25, valid values 0-76.
b_locationMode Bitmask to control how locations are displayed in the fireteam hud, default 0, valid values 0-31............ 0 = Default, currently equivalent to '1'...... 1 = Show location names...... 2 = Show location coordinates, 4 = Do not check whether locations are in your PVS when searching for a location name. Applies to b_debuglocations and add/del/etc., too...... 8 = Don’t fall back to location coordinates when no location name was found, instead, show "unknown"
b_logbanners Controls whether server banners are logged in your console, default 1, enabled.
b_mapconfigdirectory Defines the folder name to look for map-specific cfg/config files.
b_mapzoom Controls the zoom level for the map shown in the compass, default 5.159, valid values 1.0 - 7.43.
b_muzzleflash Controls whether first-person muzzle flash is drawn, default 1, enabled.
b_noactivatelean Controls whether to enable/disable leaning behaviour when strafing with +activate, default 0.................. 0 = +activate and +moveleft/+moveright causes the player to lean left/right........ 1 = leaning behaviour is disabled
b_numPopups Controls the number of popup messages on the hud, default –1...... -1 = Use ETmain cg_drawSmallPopupIcons setting, (if cg var = 0) 5 popups, (if cg var = 1) 8 popups...... 0 = Disable popup messages entirely...... 1 = Use ETmain cg_drawSmallPopupIcons 1, 8 popups...... 'number' = Limit the number of popup messages on the hud to the number of your choice
b_optimizePrediction Controls whether to attempt to use previously calculated prediction results when possible to increase performance or not, default 1, enabled. Link at bottom of page for more info on this.
b_panzerhack Controls whether the secondary MP40/Thompson (for a soldier with level 4 heavy weapons) is moved to weaponbank 2, default 1, enabled.
b_placebo When this cvar is enabled, anything is possible. Link at bottom of page which explains this better.
b_popupFadeTime Defines the time in milliseconds that popups take to fade out, default 2500.
b_popupStayTime Defines the time in milliseconds that popups will stay before fading, default 2000.
b_popupTime Defines the time in milliseconds between popups, default 1000.
b_predefineddemokeys Controls whether demo playback uses hard-coded key bindings, which cannot be overridden, default 1, enabled...... 0 = Lets you use your own key bindings in demo playback, at the loss of the predefined key actions...... 1 = Hard-coded key bindings, which cannot be overridden.
b_shovesounds Controls whether you hear shove sounds, default 1, enabled.
b_simpleItems Controls whether to draw sprites instead of models for items, for a slight performance/visibility increase, default 0, disabled.
b_spectatorteamflags default 1, enabled.
b_speedinterval Defines the time in milliseconds between two speedometer updates, default 100.
b_speedunit Controls the speed unit used for the ups meter, default 0, valid values 0, 1, 2...... 0 = (ups), 1 = (mph), 2 = (km/h)
b_textcolorfilter Strips certain colour characters from names and most text messages, default "", use "*" to filter all.
b_tracers Controls bullet tracers, default 1, valid values 0, 1, 2...... 0 = Disabled, 1 = Show all tracers, 2 = Don't show own tracers
b_votetextscale Defines the scaling for the vote text, default 0.8.
b_watermarkAlpha Defines the alpha of a watermark (if server has one), default 1, valid values 0.00 – 1.0 (0 = 100% transparent).
b_weapaltReloads Controls whether weapalt doubles as reload for weapons lacking an alternate fire mode, default 1, enabled.


Clients can use to either bind, get info in the console or use with rcon, ref and semiadmin.

guidsDisplays a list of players and their ETPro guid’s in the console.
b_cvarlistDisplays a list of ETPro cvar limits of the server you are in, (only shows if the server has cvar limits set).
b_cvaremptyResets all ETPro cvars to their defaults.
BpSends text to all clients to be displayed in the banner area.
cameraUsed to run scripted cameras, files. 2 Links at bottom of page which helps explain this better.
cancelvoteCancels any vote in progress.
cheatersLists all clients in console, with info on whether they are cheating.To check on just one particular client use /cheaters client slot, this will return the IAC info of only that chosen client. Link at bottom of page, for better explanation.
classClass allows you to script the selection of team and class, (syntax: class class weapon {secondary weapon}, e.g. cs_mg42 "class s 2 3). Link at bottom of page for better explanation.
classmenuCommand for opening the class selection menu. Link at bottom of page for better explanation.
clearlinesEmpties out the debug line queue (e.g. if a bunch of railtrail lines with a huge cg_railtrailtime are in the buffer.)
CpSends text to all clients to be displayed in the centerprint area.
etpro_alliedmapxpNon-user, write-protected cvar for internal use in ETPro.
etpro_axismapxpNon-user, write-protected cvar for internal use in ETPro.
etpro_lastmapnameNon-user, write-protected cvar for internal use in ETPro.
etpro_sessionNon-user, write-protected cvar for internal use in ETPro.
exec_at_timeAllows scripts to be executed exactly at a specified frame number (demo playback only).
followFor specifying which player to spectate (i.e. /follow ).
follownextSpectate the next guy (normally bound to your fire button (mouse1) when spectating).
followprevSpectate the previous guy.
freecamAllows for you to switch in and out of freecam in demo playback.
freecamgetposRetrieves the position of the camera.
freecamsetposSets the position of the camera. (mainly for use with scripted cameras)
inviteallUsed with fireteam to invite all teammates into fireteam, if they aren’t already in one (i.e. /fireteam inviteall).
killETPro change: /kill now counts as a death.
ListcsDumps all of the current configstrings to the server console, (mostly useful as a debugging or map making tool).
loc_addFor adding location names. Link at bottom of page for better explanation of loc_* vars.
loc_delFor deleting location names, (doesn’t have to be the exact name, it will delete the closest one).
loc_loadLoad the specified location-name file, (i.e. loc_load filename).
loc_renameFor renaming location names, (doesn’t have to be the exact name, it will rename the closest one to what was specified).
loc_saveSaves location names to the specified file, (i.e. loc_save filename).
loc_showShows location name of an imperfectly specified location.
mPretext for sending a private message (i.e. /m playername message), to send to all clan members in the server, instead of a playername use your clan tag (i.e. if your clan tag is -lol- then, /m -lol- hi guys, would send the message ‘hi guys’ to all players with -lol- in their name, naturally just your clan mates).
makesc, makeshoutcast, makeshoutcasterUse to give a specified player shoutcaster status, (i.e. /makesc clientid).
msgSame as /m, but broken on servers.
mtSimilar to m, but this pretext just sends private messages to players on your own team axis/allies (i.e. /mt playername message), if you try using this to send a private message to a player on the opposing team then he won’t receive it, it only search’s for players playername on your own team.
mv_sensitivityMultiView : Note NEED MORE INFO ON MULTIVEIW CVARS, feel free to edit
mvactivateCommand to enter and exit Multiview mode, more info here.
mvallCommand to view all players in multiview.
mvalliesCommand to view all allied players in multiview.
mvaxisCommand to view all Axis players in multiview.
noticeDon’t know what this is used for but when you type it in the console (/notice) it returns with some lol statements, for example: “etpro comes with no warranties of any kind – if it breaks, you get to keep both pieces”, “heeey, sticklyman! WhaaAaAaAAaaAt are you doing?!” Etc
openTimerInputFor setting ETPro’s enemy spawn time. This opens a box to set the enemy's spawn time in. See also resetTimer and timerSet.
passvotePasses any vote in progress.
pmSame as /m, but broken on servers.
qsaySends text to all clients to be displayed in the chat area without the server: prefix.
refFor logging in with a password for Ref status. Allows access to the referee commands from the server console/menu.
reflogoutFor logging out from Ref status.
removesc, removeshoutcast, removeshoutcasterUse to remove a specified player from shoutcaster status, (i.e. /removesc clientid).
resetmaxspeedClears/resets max speed.
resetTimerResets ETPro’s enemy spawntimer. See also openTimerInput and timerSet.
sa, semiAdminFor use when logged in as a semiAdmin. This all depends on what commands the server admin has assigned to you for use. Semiadmins may also check their current level and available commands with /sa or /semiadmin by itself with no parameters. Example: If the server admin has assigned you the command map_restart, then when logged in as semiadmin to restart the current map you would type into the console /sa map_restart
sal, semiAdminLoginFor logging in with a password for SemiAdmin status, (i.e. /semiadminlogin password or /sal password)
say_buddyUsed to send chat messages to all in your fireteam or one particular fireteam mate (i.e. /say_buddy1 hi)
scLogin, shoutCastLoginFor logging in with a password for shoutcaster status.
scLogout, shoutCastLogoutFor logging out of shoutcaster status.
setcsSets the value of configstring number num to value (i.e. setcs num value).
show_framecountShows the frame count in demo playback, default 0...... 0 = No frame counter, 1 = Show frame counter, 2 = Snapshot current frame number.
shrugAllows for the use of shrug silliness if enabled on the server, (i.e. bind w "+forward
shuffleteamsxp_norestartCommand to shuffle teams by XP, without restarting the map.
skillsLists in console what XP is required to reach each promotion level of each particular class (i.e. /skills). An easier option now is the menu "+stats" (normally bound to alt), this shows what you require as the class you are playing.
spechelpToggles spectator help in multiview.
teammenuCommand to open a v-chat style menu to select your class & weapon.
TimeReports the game state and round time remaining.
timerSetFor setting ETPro’s enemy spawntimer. See also resetTimer and openTimerInput.
ui_browserShowETProControls what type mod servers you see in your browser server list...... 0 = Show all...... 1 = Only show ETPro servers...... 2 = Don’t show ETPro servers.
weaponsLists in the console what weapon you or your teammates have now and what they are going to spawn with next, but only if another respawn class choice is picked and only if the weapon has a max amount set.
vsay numIf a voicechat has multiple announcements you can specify which one to call, (i.e. /vsay num voicechat, /vsay 2 FTAttack)

Trickjump Cvars

Note: cheats must be enabled to use these. See the pages for TrickJumpLines (tjl) and TrickJumpGhosts (tjg) for more information.

b_tjg_ghostfxControls special effects for trick jump ghosts to distinguish them from normal players, default 2, valid values 0 - 4... 0 = No effect, 1 = Flicker, 2 = Ghost, 3 = Flaming, 4 = Flame only
b_tjl_colorSets the default trick jump line color default green, valid values: any hex RGB color values (e.g. 0x56789a), or a known color name (e.g. "red", "white", "green", etc), -1 to disable.
b_tjl_drawControls whether trick jump lines will be drawn, default 1, enabled.
b_tjl_quickslotDefines the slot used when specifying "quickslot" to tjl_startrecord, this is also the slot used by tjl_menu, default 0, disabled.
b_tjl_showmaxspeedControls whether the top speed reached will be drawn at the appropriate point on a trickjump line, default 0, disabled.
b_tjl_stepsizeControls the minimum distance between any two points of the drawn trick jump line (increasing this may improve rendering performance for very long lines), default 0.5.
b_tjl_stoponnomoveControls whether the trick jump line recording will automatically stop when the player being recorded stops moving, default 1, enabled.

Trickjump Commands

tjg_infoThis will give you detailed information about all the tjg command's and cvars.
tjg_loadLoads a recording from a file, (i.e. tjg_load filename).
tjg_menuA convenient menu for the tjg tools.
tjg_pausePauses/resumes the ghost playback.
tjg_playPlays back a recorded ghost.
tjg_recordStarts recording your movements.
tjg_saveSaves a recording to a file, (i.e. tjg_save filename).
tjg_stopStops playing or recording.
tjl_drawslotControls drawing for a given slot or changes a slot's color (i.e. /tjl_drawslot slot OR slot color), b_tjl_color must be set to -1 in order to use this option.
tjl_infoThis will give you detailed information about all the tjl command's and cvars.
tjl_loadLoads the current file into a slot (i.e. /tjl_load filename slot), (file extension = .tjl_1.dat (1 = version #)).
tjl_menuA convenient menu for the tjl tools.
tjl_saveSaves the current slot into a file (i.e. / tjl_save filename slot), (file extension = .tjl_1.dat (1 = version #)).
tjl_startrecordStarts recording you or a clients movements (i.e. tjl_startrecord clientnum slot OR slot OR no parameters records your own movements).
tjl_stoprecordStops recording movements.


Links to more info about some of the above or other useful client pages here on WolfWiki.