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Configstrings can be accessed with et.trap_GetConfigstring and et.trap_SetConfigstring and the String utility functions.

What are Configstrings

  • Configstrings are strings that are set on the server, and automatically sent to each client.
  • Configstrings are often, but not always, in the form of an infostring (a backslash delimited set of key\value pairs)
  • Each configstring is identified by a number, which is usually given refered to by a name #defined in the ET gamecode.
  • A group of related configstrings (such as CS_PLAYERS) usually only have a symbolic name for the first value, with a number (entity number in the case of CS_PLAYERS) added to to get a particular value.
  • Most configstrings have a specific meaning to the gamecode. You can use the etmain SDK find out what they do, but beware that etpro does not do things exactly the same as etmain.
  • A list of configstring numbers and names can be found in etconst.lua

User Configstring

A user Configstring gets written in the log file with a line starting with UserInfoChanged which mustn't be mistaken for one with Userinfo.

To access a user's Configstring you can't just use et.trap_GetConfigstring(slotNumber) but must use et.trap_GetConfigstring(et.CS_PLAYERS + slotNumber).

nNickPlayer nickname
tTeam1=Axis, 2=Allies, 3=Spectators
cClass0=Soldier, 1=Medic, 2=Engineer, 3=FieldOps, 4=CovertOps
mMedals0=Highest Battle Sense, 1=Best Engineer, 2=Best Medic, 3=Best Field Ops, 4=Highest Light Weapons, 5=Best Soldier, 6=Best Covert Ops
sSkillsBattle Sense, Engineering, First Aid, Signals, Light Weapons, Heavy Weapons, Covert Operations [0-4]
dnDisguised name Covert op disguised as...
drDisguised rank Covert op disguised as rank...
wWeapon2=Lugar, 3=MP40, 5=Panzerfaust, 6=Flamethrower, 7=Colt, 8=Thomson 10=Sten, 23=Engineer K43, 24=Engineer M1 Garand, 25=Covert Ops M1 Garand, 31=Mobile MG42, 32=Covert Ops K43 33=FG42, 35=Mortar, 37=Akimbo Colts, 38=Akimbo Lugars, 47=Silenced Akimbo Colts, 48=Silenced Akimbo Lugars
lwLatched weaponWeapon on next spawn
swLatched secondary weaponSecondary weapon on next spawn
muMuted0=No, 1=Yes
refRefereeReferee status (0=not ref, 1=ref)
pPrivilege level0=Peon, referee (vote), referee (password), semiadmin, rconauth (ETPro only)
ssStat Saver Stats have been restored by stat saver, etpro only (0=No, 1=Yes)
scShoutcasteretpro only (0=No, 1=Yes)
tvETTV slaveetpro only (0=No, 1=Yes)

LUA Example

et.CS_PLAYERS = 689

-- get the name of client #3 using configstrings
local cs = et.trap_GetConfigstring(et.CS_PLAYERS + 3)
local name = et.Info_ValueForKey(cs, "n")


et.CS_PLAYERS = 689 for those of you that don't use etconst.lua.