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Admins may enforce filters on public text chats. While the primary use is for keeping cursing under control, some admins have made creative use of the filter to prevent accidental security leaks, such as filtering rcon password typos.

fireteam chats are never filtered, the logic behind this is that players who find someone's fireteam chats offensive may simply eject the offending player from the fireteam, or leave the fireteam themselves.

Also the filter only works for complete words, without colour codes etc. So you will need to create additional filters for such methods of circumventing the original filter such as "s h i t". But this also means that if you create a filter for the word "ass", all words that contain ass would also be filtered such as "Class" and "Password" etc.

How to use:


This cvar is a space separated list of words the cursefilter will watch for.


This cvar set the action to take when a word on the watchlist is found. there are 4 possible settings:

0 - do nothing
1 - silently drop the chat (player sees their chat, but nobody else does)
2 - censor b_cursefilter words with asterisks
3 - (default) totally block any chat containing a b_cursefilter word