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This is an exact copy of what was posted in the etpro documentation forums, as there are now more options/changes in the menu, it will need updating.

Configuration Menu

Clients can now easily configure important settings through an ingame ET-Pro menu. This can be found under the 'Esc' key (togglemenu key bind)/etpro or on your main start up menu under etpro if your game target line has +set fs_game etpro.


Small Popups

Use smaller (about half-height) popup icons

Number of Pupops: Controls the maximum number of popup messages displayed on the HUD at once

Popup Delay : Defines the rate in milliseconds that popups will be delayed

Popup stay time: Defines the time in milliseconds that popups will stay before fading

Popup fade time: Defines the time in milliseconds that popups take to fade out


Text Color Filter: Enter the color letters that you wish to be filtered to white

Muzzle-Flash: Controls whether the first-person muzzleflash is drawn

Gibs: Change whether gibbed body parts are shown

Bullet Tracers: Controls whether bullet tracers are drawn

Log Banners: Controls whether banner messages are always logged to the console

Anti-Lag: Controls whether your shots are lag-compensated by the server


L4 Soldier SMG Weapon Bank: put SMG on weaponbank 2 or weaponbank 3 (if 3: toggle with heavyweapon)


Hit sounds: Controls whether a sound is played when successfully shooting another player

Chat sounds: Enables an audio notification whenever a player sends a text message

Shove sounds: Allows players to enable or disable shove sounds

Goat sound: Enables the goat sound for knife kills

Announcer: Enables the announcer (e.g. the 'Fight!' sound)


Predefined Demo Keys

This enables or disables the predefined demo keys. If enabled then you see this menu in the demo playback.

Open MultiView: Opens multiview

Reset Max Speed: Resets the maximum speed on the speedometer

Class Selection Menu: Opens the quick class selection menu

Team Selection Menu: Opens the quick team selection menu

Trickjump Line Menu: Opens the trickjump line menu

Trickjump Ghost Menu: Opens the trickjump ghost menu