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Ingame Chat Commands

You can use all ingame chat commands by typing !command in the public chat. The commands are available for you if you logged into the webinterface in the past 6 hours and have sufficiant rights there.

Command Explanation
!admintest Check if you have ingame admin access
!recordmode <recid> <recmode> Set the recordmode for the given recorder
!nextmap jumps to the next map of the current demo
!autoreplaynum <num> sets the autoreplaynum for the replayer you're on
!reclist a quick ingame overview what the replayers are doing
!findviewer <string> finds all viewers which names contain <string> (colors are stripped of and its case insensitive)
!mute <viewer> mutes the viewer who match <viewer> for <time> minutes. If <time> is not given it's 5 minutes
!unmute <viewer> unmutes the viewer who match <viewer>. Also removes sticky mute
!kick <viewer> kicks the viewer who matches <viewer> (with 5 minutes default ban)

TCP Commands

These commands are NOT needed if you use the webinterface

Command Explanation
addqueue <repid> <demoid> appends demo <demoid> to the playlist of replayer <repid>
adminip <ip> [<username>] the viewer with the ip <ip> will be able to use ingame chat commands. <username> is just for the log and used by the webinterface
autodisc <recid> <0/1> set autodisconnect for recorder <recid> to <0/1>
autoreplaynum <repid> <num> replayer <repid> will will circle the latest <num> demos
broadcast [<slots> [<port> [<private slots> [<demoid> [<config>]]]]] spawns new replayer with <slots> slots, <private slots> private slots on port <port> and use <config>. It will play the demo <demoid>
connect <ip> <pass> <ettv-pass> [<slaveslots>] Creates a new recorder and connects to the server. If <slaveslots> is not given a default of 2 Slaveslots are generated
debug <0/1> set debug to <0/1> for this tcp session
dellive <repid> <recid> deletes the dependency of repalyer <repid> to recorder <recid>. Means the replayer wont play live what the recorder records
delqueue <repid> deletes the entire playlist of replayer <repid>
demolist prints a list with all demos
gamename <recid> <name> sets the gamename from recorder <recid> to <name>
hopserver <recid> <ip> <password> <ettv password> makes recroder <recid> to disconnect from the current server and connect to <ip> with pass <password> and ettv-pass <ettv password>
killproc <procid> kills the proc with the id <procid>
killrec <recid> kills recorder <recid>
killrep <repid> kills replayer <repid>
listqueue <repid> prints the playlist of replayer <repid>
livecast <recid> <repid> creates a dependeny from replayer <repid> to recorder <recid>. Means the replayer will play live what the recorder records
nextmap <repid> switches to the next map on replayer <repid>
playgame <repid> <demoid> plays the demo <demoid> on the replayer <repid>
quit_rly shuts down all running servers and kills the ettvd daemon
readynum <recid> <readynum> recorder <recid> will start recording once <readynum> players went ready (only if recordmode = ready)
reclist prints a list with all running recorders
record <recid> tells recorder <recid> to start recording
recordmode <recid> <ready/connect> sets recordmode for recorder <recid> to <ready/connect>
reloaddemos reloads the demolist from the hdd (from the demodir)
repeatqueue <repid> <0/1> sets repeat for the playlist of replayer <repid> to <0/1>
replist prints a list with all running replayers
stoprecord <recid> tells recorder <recid> to stop recording
viewerlist <repid> prints a viewerlist of replayer <repid>