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Gameplay changes between etmain and ETPro:

  • Players may now open doors silently by crouching and pressing +activate.
  • Players may notice when they are wounded and waiting for medic, that freelook is no longer lagged. Also, the wounded freelook camera should no longer 'lock on' to non-medics.
  • Players will hear "prepare to fight" when the warmup countdown begins, and "fight!" when the round starts. Players may disable this with the cvar cg_announcer.
  • When a player gets a knife kill, both the attacker and the victim hear the 'OSP goat' sound. Players may disable this with the cvar b_goatsound. (sounds used from OSP with permission)
  • For weapons without an alternate fire mode (non-silenced pistol, sten, thompson/mp40, etc) players may use the weapalt button to reload.
  • If the server admin has enabled shoving (b_shove 1, default), players are awarded kills for shoving enemies to their death. Likewise, players are penalized with a teamkill for shoving teammates to their death.
  • ETPro has now hitsounds that are like those from Quake 3 Arena, which are sounds that are played when you hit somebody.
  • ET Pro implements an antiwarp system to keep players from "warping" or "teleporting" around, accidentally or intentionally.