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According to various rumours, there seem to be some easter eggs in ETPro. In the last months there occured single hints for them, which are collected here. If you found one (or more) don't spoil them by posting it here.


Egg 1

Hint 1:

  • This easter egg isn't a rumour any longer. It was abused by few players excessively.

Therefor it can be disabled by a serverside cvar.

Egg 2

Hint 1:
Hint 2:

Egg 3

  • Hint 1: Move like the leet and the leet will be with you ...
  • Hint 2: OMFG U R 2 31337 4 THIS GAEM!1!!1

Egg 4

  • Hint 1: rain is on fire ...

Egg 5

  • there was about to be a 5th egg, but the rumours about this are too weak to mention it.

there is a fifth egg, but I'm not sure if it still works in the latest etpro versions, one cookie for he who finds it