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ETPro server-side cvars

This list contains all ETPro server cvars.

We have tried to include as much information in each description as possible, but some might require a more in-depth explaination. These have links to their seperate page.


Most of these cvars are either 0 (disabled) or 1 (enabled). Those that differ have the values included in the description. For an explanation of how bitmask cvars work see the Bitmask-cvar article.

b_anticheatControls ETPro's anticheat: 0 = Disabled, 1 = Enabled (normal restriction, recommended, default), 2 = More restrictive, 3 = Only allow 100% clean players ('''not''' recommended)
b_antiwarpControl that prevents players from abusing 'warping', 0 = Disabled, 1 = Enabled (default)
b_bannerlocationBitmask which determines the location of the banners print out area, valid values 0 – 248, you can still use the older values 0 – 4 this auto adds 64 and prints them to the console also.... 0 or 8 = Player chat area, 1 or 16 = Left popup area (not recommended), 2 or 32 = Centred (above the chat area), 3 or 64 = Console only, 4 or 128 = Banner area (top of screen, default, recommended).
b_banner''n''Use for specifying the text of each banner, b_banner''n'' defines the text to be displayed for banner number ''n'' in the banner rotation, where ''n'' is an integer between 1 & 999, (e.g. set banner1 "I’m a banner", set banner2 "I’m another banner", etc).
b_bannersDefines the number of rotating server banners, (using the example in b_banner, the banners ("I’m a banner", "I’m another banner") you would then set b_banners 2), default 0 disabled, valid values 0 - 999.
b_bannertimeDefines the duration between banners, default 0, valid values 0 – n, where n is the time in seconds between banners. Values below 30 (in our opinion) would be just spamming, especially if you are printing them in the centre print area, who what’s to play in a server that is bombarding them with banners.
b_brokenlogtimestampsControls whether timestamps are written in a fixed-width 7 character space. This should only be enabled if you are using a log file analyser that requires the broken timestamps in order to function properly, default 0, disabled.
b_campaignFileAllows specifying a specific campaign file, so that clients aren't forced to download every referenced pk3 on the server, default "", disabled. The syntax is "scripts/xxx.campaign".
b_chargetransferControls whether use of mines to transfer charge between players or 'store charge' (exploit) is allowed, default 1, enabled (allowed).
b_cheatkicktimeDuration of auto-kick for cheater detections, (i.e. set b_cheatkicktime n, where n = how long in minutes a player is kicked for), default -1, disabled, if left disabled a report will still be logged in the b_cheatlog, if b_cheatlog is not set, it logs cheat messages to g_logfile.
b_cheatlogDefines the name of the cheat log (ETPro anticheat), (i.e. set b_cheatlog "etpro_cheats.log"), default "", disabled. If b_cheatlog is is not set, it will still log cheat messages to g_logfile.
b_crashlogpathSet the cvar b_crashlogpath to the path you want to save crash dump files to, (e.g. on win32 set b_crashlogpath c:\ , on Linux set b_crashlogpath /home/etserver).
b_crashpopupOn win32 you can enable a gui crash popup window - !!warning!! server will be halted until the crash dialog box is closed –, default 0, disabled.
b_cursefilterDetermines which words you would like filtered out, but it’s not a good filter as players can spell swear words in many different ways using numbers, letter spacing etc and there are just to many variations to include in this filter. A good use for it, is to help protect your rcon, ref, semiadmin etc passwords, just in case a trusted member or even yourself forget to put the / (slash) before said passwords when signing in. Should you wish to use it, just list all the passwords/forbidden words leaving a space between each word (i.e. set b_cursefilter "pass1 pass2 swear1 swear2 etc"), default "", disabled.
b_cursefilteractionControls what action to take with filtered words, default 3...... 0 = do nothing (not a wise choice if your wishing to filter certain words out lol), 1 = silently filter the messages (it will still appear to the player as though his/her message was sent), 2 = censor (e.g. "hey, you are a *******"), 3 = filter the message (it isn't displayed to anybody).
b_customVoiceChatControls whether to allow clients use custom voice chats, but not custom audio sound packs, default 1, enabled.
b_damagexpControls whether certain types of XP will be rewarded based on the damage given to other players instead of the number of complete kills. This can help even game play on extremely offence-biased maps, it solves some problems with the original per-kill system (e.g. an air strike takes a player down to 1 health and blasts them into the air, but you receive no XP when they fall to their death.) The damage-based XP system rewards 1 XP per kill and 1 XP for each 50hp of damage inflicted on an enemy player, default 0, disabled.
b_defaultbantimeDefines the time in seconds for bans without explicitly defined ban time, default 300.
b_defaultskillsDefines the skill levels granted to new players when they connect, default "", valid values 0 – 4 for each skill.This variable takes 7 space-separated integers to define each starting skill level in the following order: b_defaultskills "0 0 0 0 0 0 0", 1st 0 = Battle Sense, 2nd 0 = Explosives and Construction (Engineering), 3rd 0 = First Aid (Medic), 4th 0 = Signals(Field Ops), 5th 0 = Light Weapons, 6th 0 = Heavy Weapons (Soldier), 7th 0 = Military Intelligence and Scoped Weapons (Covert Ops). Example: To give everyone default battle sense 2 and light weapons 3, you would set b_defaultskills "2 0 0 0 3 0 0", To lock players permanently at those skill levels, you would additionally do b_noskillupgrades 1, See b_noskillupgrades for explanation.
b_distancefalloffControls whether bullets lose some of there hit point damage inflicted over long-range shots, default 1, enabled.
b_emptyscriptAssign the name of a script to execute when the last player leaves the server, default "", disabled.
b_ettv_flagsBitmask controlling special features for ETTV slave clients, default 3, valid values 0-3...... 0 = Disabled, 1 = Don't allow ETTV slaves to be kicked, 2 = Automatically give ETTV slaves shoutcaster status, 3 = 1 and 2.
b_extendedproneControls accurate hitbox for proning animations, and makes the prone animation transition through crouching, default 0, disabled.
b_fallingbugfixControls whether to enable/disable a fix in the physics code, which should prevent players from getting stuck on edges and subsequently falling to their death from a small height, default 1, enabled.
b_fixedphysicsControls various physics fixes, default 0, valid values 0-2...... 0 = Standard ET physics, 1 = Don't snap positions (avoiding rounding error), jump velocity set to match etmain's at b_fixedphysicsfps fps, 2 = Standard ET physics with anti-333fps, doesn't snap positions above 166fps or change etmain jump velocity.
b_fixedphysicsfpsControls jump velocity when using b_fixedphysics 1. Since jump height/velocity is so strongly tied to rounding error in etmain physics, the etmain velocity doesn't make sense when no longer rounding positions. To compensate, b_fixedphysics 1 will set the player's jump velocity to the etmain equivalent at whatever frame rate b_fixedphysicsfps is set to, default 125. See also b_fixedphysics.
b_floodMaxCommandsControls the client only being able to send the specified number of rate-limited commands per 30 seconds, to protect the server from flooding, default 6.
b_flushItemsControls whether dropped items like medic packs lay flush to the ground they land on (same angle), default 0, disabled.
b_headshotBitmask controlling ETPro headshot mode, default 0, valid values 0 – 15......... 0 = disabled, 1 = headshots only, 2 = instagib (see also b_instagibDamage), 4 = clients can only damage other clients, 8 = clients only receive damage from other clients.
b_helmetprotectionControls whether damage is reduced for the first headshot received, default 1, enabled.
b_instagibDamageControls the damage done when b_headshot mode's instagib is enabled, (e.g. set this to 160 so that a player can still be revived after being shot.), default 400.
b_intermissiontimeDefines the duration of the end-round intermission between maps, in seconds, default 60.
b_intreadypercentDetermines the percentage of clients needed to press ready to skip intermission countdown and continue to the next map, default 75, valid values 0 – 100.
b_levels_battlesenseDefines the amount of XP required to reach each level upgrade, 1 - 4 space-separated integers. Omitting values will disable any of the levels higher than those specified. A value of -1 for any skill level also disables that particular level, although the associated skills will still be gained when reaching a higher level, if allowed. Leaving the value blank ("") causes the default values to be used: "20 50 90 140". Examples: Disable level 3 and 4 engineers: b_levels_engineer "20 50", Don't give medics full revive until level 4: b_levels_medic "20 50 -1 140", Give everyone binoculars almost immediately: b_levels_battlesense "5 50 90 140".
b_levels_covertopsSee b_levels_battlesense explanation, same rule applies.
b_levels_engineerSee b_levels_battlesense explanation, same rule applies.
b_levels_fieldopsSee b_levels_battlesense explanation, same rule applies.
b_levels_lightweaponsSee b_levels_battlesense explanation, same rule applies.
b_levels_medicSee b_levels_battlesense explanation, same rule applies.
b_levels_soldierSee b_levels_battlesense explanation, same rule applies.
b_logrealtimestampsControls whether to log the time of day (hh:mm:ss) or the amount of time the server has been on the current map, default 1 (hh:mm:ss).
b_mapconfigdirectoryDefines the folder name to look for map specific cfg/config files.
b_mapscriptdirectoryDefines the folder name to look for map scripts (i.e. set b_mapscriptdirectory "etpromapscripts").
b_match_warmupjoinControls whether clients are able to join teams during warm-ups, default 0, disabled.
b_maxmortarpitchControls whether to limit effective range of ground slope angles for mortar deployment, (e.g. if set to 20, then a mortar deployed on a slope greater than 20 degrees (e.g. 30 or 40) would behave as if it were deployed on a slope of 20 degrees), default 0, disabled.
b_moverscaleControls how fast most movers (i.e. vehicles) will move compared to their normal speed. Extremely high values will cause erratic behaviour, default 1.0.
b_multiviewControls enabling/disabling OSP's multiview. Multiview allows spectators to view multiple players at the same time, but clients who are using multiview consume slightly more bandwidth and CPU time than normal spectators, so not advisable unless you know your server can handle it, especially if a few specs are using it at the one time (lags server), default 1, enabled.
b_noskillupgradesWhen set to 1, players may still score XP, but they will no longer gain skill or rank upgrades. This is especially useful in combination with b_defaultskills to even out game play when playing in non-campaign mode, default 0, disabled. See also b_defaultskills.
b_panzerlevelupDetermines the skill level at which the panzerfausts receive the 'Improved Projectile Resources' upgrade. The mortar is unaffected. A value of 5 means that the panzerfaust will never be subject to this upgrade, default 1, valid values 1 – 5.
b_privatemessagesDetermines the minimum number of allowable characters for name matching of private messages. A value of "0" disables private messaging entirely, default 2, valid values 0 – 36.
b_pronedelayImplements a delay in the client's proning action, default 0...... 0 = etmain normal behaviour, no spread change, players may not un-prone for 750ms, 1 = max spread for 1 second after proning, players may not un-prone for 1750ms.
b_realheadControls correcting the head hit box, when enabled, the head hit box is where the head is drawn on the client, instead of at the top-centre of the body-hit box, default 1, enabled. Settings other than 0/1 are for debugging.
b_riflegrenadesControls whether to allow rifle grenades, default 1 enabled. See also team_maxriflegrenades.
b_semiAdminCmdsDefines what commands are available for each semiadmin level.
b_semiAdminLevelsDefines the number of semi admin levels. If undefined ("") or 0, then the semi admin feature is disabled, default 0, disabled, valid values 0 – 99.
b_semiAdminPassDefines the required password for clients to become a semi admin. A different password is required for each b_semiadminlevel.
b_shoutcastpasswordDefines the password required for special spectator class.
b_shoveControls how strong shoves are, default 80, 0 to disable.
b_shove_nozControls vertical shoving, default 1, enabled. When enabled this prevents players shoving others over walls or up to unreachable places.
b_showClientCmdsControls whether all commands clients send to the server are written to the log file, default 0, disabled.
b_shrugControls whether clients can use shrug, default 0, disabled.
b_spectatorNamesControls whether spectators are allowed to see the player name popup when looking at another player, default 1. 0 = No names shown, disabled, 1 = Names shown to referees and semiadmins only, 2 = Names shown to all players.
b_statsaverControls whether client's xp and stats are restored if they exit, then return to the server. This is not XP save it’s only a stats saver, all stats will be reset whenever the game normally does a stats reset (e.g. when restarting a campaign or starting a new campaign), default 1, enabled.
b_stickychargeWhen set to 1, per-class charge bars become 'sticky', players will only have their charge bar refilled on respawn if they were killed by an enemy player, default 1, valid values 0 – 2...... 0 = Full recharge, 1 = If killed by enemy, then full recharge, otherwise normal recharge, 2 = Normal recharge no matter how you died, Normal recharge = Gradually filling as if you weren’t killed.
b_sv_hitsoundsControls whether clients are allowed use hit sounds, default 1, enabled.
b_watermarkSpecifies the location of the watermark file, default "", disabled. Automatically prepends "watermark/". Links to more info at bottom of page.
b_watermarkFadeAfterDetermines how long the watermark will stay on the screen before fading away. A value of -1 and the watermark will not fade off, default -1, valid values -1, 0, n, where n = the length of time in seconds before the watermark starts fading.
b_watermarkFadeTimeDetermines the duration the watermark image takes to actually fade away, default 1.5, valid values: 0 - n, where n = the length of time in seconds before the watermark fades out.
b_wolfrofControls whether the SMG rate of fire is equal to that of RTCW's Thompson (much faster), default 0...... 0 = ET Standard SMG Rate of fire, 1 = RTCW Standard SMG Rate of fire.
b_xpstopwatchControls whether XP remains over stopwatch rounds, default 0, disabled. If set to 1 XP gained in the first round remains in the concluding round.
configUsed for loading an ETPro style config file (i.e. config clanwar, would load clanwar.config).
forcecvarUsed to force cvars to a specified value for all connected clients, (i.e. command "forcecvar r_drawfoliage 0", commonly used for the map Radar). Link for more info at bottom of page.
lua_allowedmodulesIf set, only lua modules with the matching sha1 signatures listed in this cvar will be allowed to load, default "", disabled.
lua_modulesSpace separated list of lua modules for ETPro to load, modules will be run in the order listed, default "", disabled. Links for more info on Lua's at bottom of page.
pReplaces Players_Allies and Players_axis. Goto link at bottom of page for better explanation.
sv_cvarUsed for ETPro cvar restrictions. Goto Link at bottom of page for an explanation on how to use them.
team_maxCovertopsDetermines the max number of covert ops allowed on each team, default –1, unlimited
team_maxEngineersDetermines the max number of engineers allowed on each team, default –1, unlimited.
team_maxFieldopsDetermines the max number of field ops allowed on each team, default –1, unlimited.
team_maxFlamersDetermines the max number of flamers allowed for each team, default –1, unlimited.
team_maxMedicsDetermines the max number of medics allowed on each team, default –1, unlimited.
team_maxMg42sDetermines the max number of mobile MG's allowed for each team, default –1, unlimited.
team_maxMinesDetermines the max number of mines available for each team, default 10, -1 unlimited
team_maxMortarsDetermines the max number of mortars allowed for each team, default –1, unlimited.
team_maxPanzersDetermines the max number of panzerfausts allowed for each team, default –1, unlimited.
team_maxplayersDetermines the max number of players that can join each team.
team_maxriflegrenadesDetermines the max number of riflegrenades allowed for each team, default –1, unlimited. See also b_riflegrenades.
team_maxSoldiersDetermines the max number of soldiers allowed on each team, default -1, unlimited.
vote_allow_cointossControls the ability to vote for a cointoss. 0 = Disabled, 1 = Enabled (Default)
vote_allow_configSpecify config's that can be loaded by vote, default "", disabled, "*" to allow all config's.
vote_allow_surrenderControls whether teams can call a vote to surrender, default 1, enabled.
CommandsAction performed
b_cvaremptyResets all ETPro cvars to their defaults. If using this in a cfg/config, make sure to place it at the start, anywhere else and all cvars adjusted before it will be reset to default.