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A shoutcaster is a spectating player with enhanced spectating abilities.

Shoutcasters see:

  • Floating player names
  • Dynamite counter
  • Truck/tank health
  • Unspotted/spotted mines

Shoutcasters are:

  • Not affected by speclock.
  • Marked with "shoutcaster" in the scoreboard.
  • Unable to join a team.

Becoming a shoutcaster

To become a shoutcaster, login with sclogin <pass> or shoutcastlogin <pass>, using the password provided by the server admin. Use sclogout or shoutcastlogout to log out.

To promote spectators to shoutcasters, referees and admins with rcon access can use these commands:

  • makeshoutcaster|makeshoutcast|makesc <clientid>
  • removeshoutcaster|removeshoutcast|removesc <clientid>


Enable shoutcasting by setting a non-empty shoutcast password in the cvar b_shoutcastpassword. Disable shoutcasting by using an empty string.