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Trickjumplines or tjl's in short are lines that trace the path of your movement.

You can use them in two ways: the first one is the easy to use one (with a built-in menu), the second one is the console-way but gives you more possibilities. Important: cheats must be enabled before you can use this tool.

The Menu Way

To use the menu you have to bind the console command to a key.

Example: /bind tjl_menu

As you can see there are five menu items:

   * Record: this starts recording your movements.
   * Stoprecord: this stops your movement recoring.
   * Quicksave: if you want to save your impressive jump into a file so you can share it with your friends, use this option.
   * Quickload: this loads the last Quicksaved trickjumpline, if you want to load other tjl files you have to use the console.
   * Draw slot: this toggles the drawing of the current slot.

All these actions are executed on the slotnumber set in the cvar *b_tjl_quickslot*, you can use a maximum of 10 slots.

The Console Way

Open the console and type the commando /tjl_info, this will give you detailed information about all the tjl cmd's and cvars.

   * tjl_startrecord <clientnum> <slot> OR <slot> | no parameters records your own movements: starts recording your movements
   * tjl_stoprecord : stops recording your movements
   * tjl_drawslot <slot> OR <slot> <color> : draws a given slot (toggle) b_tjl_color must be set to -1 in order to use this option
   * tjl_save <filename> <slot> : saves the current slot into a file
   * tjl_load <filename> <slot> : loads the current file into a slot
   * tjl_menu : a nice menu to easy use the tjl tools
   * b_tjl_draw <1/0> : draws a recorded movement
   * b_tjl_stoponnomove <1/0> : stops recording when not moving
   * b_tjl_color <hex value> : default linecolor
   * b_tjl_showmaxspeed <1/0>: shows the players max speed at that point on the line
   * b_tjl_stepsize <number> : the distance between two points on the line, if you want to draw much long lines, use a big stepsize
   * b_tjl_quickslot <number> : this slotnumber is used when u use the tjl_menu

Other benefits of the trickjumplines

You can use the trickjumplines to teach your tactics to your teammates, by showing them the places where they have to move to. Or custommapmakers can include some tjl's into their pk3's so people can use them to learn the shortest path to the objectives.