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cvar overview

cvar default description
b_statsaver 1 Enables or disables the statsaver feature
b_defaultskill empty New players will spawn with these skill levels in each class.
b_noskillupgrades 0 Enables or disables the gaining of skill or rank upgrades.
b_levels_<class> empty Configures the number of XP required for each class upgrade.

cvar descriptions


If b_statsaver is 1, then player XP, skills, medals, weaponstats, team, class, and weapon selection are all saved across disconnects. These stats will still be reset whenever the server would normally reset them (e.g. at the beginng of a new campaign).

 set b_statsaver 1


New players start with these skill levels in each class. The classes in order are:

  • battle sense
  • explosives and construction (engineer)
  • first aid (medic)
  • signals (field ops)
  • light weapons
  • heavy weapons (soldier)

Therefore, to start everyone with level 2 battle sense and level 3 light weapons, you could use the following setting:

set b_defaultskills "2 0 0 0 3 0 0"

Leaving this setting blank or using 0s for each class uses the normal behavior. Valid values are 0–4 for each skill.


When set to 1, players may still score XP, but they will no longer gain skill or rank upgrades. This is especially useful in combination with b_defaultskills to even out gameplay when playing in non-campaign mode.


Configures the number of XP required for each class upgrade. Setting a skill level to 0 means that a player will start with that skill level, while setting a skill level to -1 or omitting it means that a skill level is disabled. A blank value means that the default values (20, 50, 90, 140) are used. Examples:

set b_levels_battlesense  "20 30 60 100"    // upgrade battle sense faster
set b_levels_medic        "20 50 90"        // disable level 4 medics

<class> is: "battlesense" or "engineer", "medic", "fieldops", "lightweapons", "soldier" or "covertops"

XP Save

Please note that ETPro does not contain an XP save function. It only has Stat-Saver