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Mysterious Beginning

Mysteriously, when this cvar was discovered in the source code for ETPro, nobody could be identified as having coded it, and still to this day nobody knows where it came from.


When this cvar is enabled, anything is possible. As an example, you might be empowered with the sticky bullet syndrome and be able to shoot people around corners when they run away.

Other reported abilities:

  • Resistance to explosive damage (as long as you aren't too close to the explosion)
  • Win every game (as long as your team is better than the opposing team)
  • When defusing dynamite, it won't matter how far into the 30 second countdown it is, you will always be able to defuse it on time. (as long as you start defusing before 5 seconds is left on the timer)
  • Jumping twice as far as normal (as long as you have 333fps)
  • Grenades will always damage your target 100% (as long as your grenade is really close to the target)

Why keep it?

The cvar can't be removed as it lurks in the deepest, darkest recesses of the ETPro source code; it is so well hidden that even the legendary Rain cannot remove it.

I Can't Find it

The cvar does not show up when you try to tab complete it within the console. You merely have to insert it in your config and then you can rest assured that it is working.

I Don't Believe You

This cvar most certainly does exist. The mountains of uncorroborated evidence from endless forum posts should surely be enough to convince even the most hardened skeptic.