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Admins may display banners to the clients on their server.


cvar default description
b_banners 0 Defines the number of banners you would like displayed in rotation. The default value of 0 disables banners altogether.
b_banner<n> undefined Define the banner text, where n is 1 to whatever number you set b_banners to.
b_bannerlocation 128 A bitmask cvar with the locations where banners are printed. See Locations for a list.
b_bannertime 0 The time in seconds between the display of banners.


  • 8 - player chat area
  • 16 - left popup area (not recommended)
  • 32 - centered above the chat area
  • 64 - console only
  • 128 - banner area (recommended)

b_bannerlocation is a bitmask cvar. That means, you can mix the options. For example, setting the cvar to 136 will display banners at the banner area and the player chat area.

For compatibility, the old-style locations (from 0-4) are also supported.

The client defaults b_logbanners to 1, which effectively adds 64 to the locations list if it's not already present, so adding 64 isn't necessary unless you want to force the messages to be logged in the console.