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EDV stands for Extended Demo Viewer. It's a tool which gives you camera-moving possibilities. The most important options are the freecam and the weaponcam.

The freecam gives you the ability to watch a demo as a spectator, in other words you can freely fly around the map using your ingame movement keys. type /freecam in the console to enable it. If you want fly through walls, you can use the well known "noclip" command.

NOTE: If you move out of the pvs of the demo (the pvs of the player who recorded the demo), you won't see anything at all. Sometimes it's hard to find your way back to the pvs, if you set the cvar b_demo_pvshint to 1, a line will be drawn from the camera origin to the demo-recorder's origin, in addition of noclip you will easily find your way back to the pvs. If b_predefineddemokeys is set to 1 you will be able to use the hardcoded keys from the demohelpmenu, KP_ENTER is the key to toggle freecam, but I recommend that you set b_predefineddemokeys to 0 because in this doc the cvars/cmd's will be explained.

With "freecamgetpos" you can retrieve the position of the camera, and with "freecamsetpos" you can set it. When you set b_demo_lookat to a clientNum (default value is -1 = turned off) the camera will always look at that player. You can reveal the clientNums with b_demo_nametag +4 (nametags are actually floating playernames): +1 draws nametags from players who are in your pvs, +2 from every player, +4 adds the clientnumber to the nametag, +8 adds the class (letter) to the nametag. The same option exists for dynamites: b_demo_dynamitecounter which draws a floating timer for every dynamite in your current fov.

If you want turn the camera with some keys, use:


the cvars b_demo_yawturnspeed b_demo_pitchturnspeed b_demo_rollspeed, will control the speed of these commands

b_demo_playersprites turns of player sprites in demoplay (the docs icon, the ! mark, ...)

The weaponcam attaches the camera to a missile (grenade, panzer, dynamite)


b_demo_grenadecam +1 to follow grenades
b_demo_grenadecam +2 to follow airstrike/smokegrenade cannisters
b_demo_mortarcam 1 to follow mortars
b_demo_panzercam 1 to follow panzers

b_demo_teamonlymissilecam 1 if you only want to see the missiles of your teammates

next cvars control the distance from the camera to the missile:


b_demo_nopitch toggles the camera pitching when attached to a missile

If you want a good config, read this thread: http://bani.anime.net/banimod/forums/viewtopic.php?t=3207

Auto change timescale to b_demo_autotimescale in weaponcam if the weapon is set in b_demo_autotimescaleweapons (bitflag)

  • 1 = panzer
  • 2 = grenade
  • 4 = dynamite
  • 8 = mortar
  • 16 = smoke