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This is an exact copy of what was posted in the etpro documentation forums, as there are now more options/changes in the menu, it will need updating.

HUD menu

Clients can now easily configure important settings through an ingame ET-Pro menu. This can be found under the 'Esc' key (togglemenu key bind)/etpro or on your main start up menu under etpro if your game target line has +set fs_game etpro.

Alternative Hud / Hud settings

This controls where Hud items (i.e. compass, health bar, etc) are drawn on your Hud, there are 4 options (the 4th 'customised' was never finished).

Alternative Hud

Normal HUD

(this picture doesn't show the compass but with a normal Hud it's drawn top right-hand corner).


Alternative 2

Hud Settings

Note this setting has multiple choices (i.e. adding them together, rank + timer). These pic's are just to show the 4 main choices. They will only be effective if Alternative Hud is "Alternative" or "Alternative 2".


Move Round Timer

Moves the roundtimer to the Bottom (Warmup in pic)

Remove Ranks

Hide Player Rank

Move popups

Move Popups to top


These control Decreasing/Increasing the textscale for Description text and Vote-Messages


These control changing the opacity for:




Chat Background



Chatflags : Shows a team flag near each chat line to indicate the team

Local Time : Shows your local Time in HUD

Ranks : Omits the player rank from HUD player name popups

Draw2d : Controls whether 2D elements will be displayed. Disabling this will hide almost all of the HUD

FPS Counter : The framerate counter will show the average fps (over n milliseconds)

Lagometer : The lagometer will graph the lag between you and the server


HUD Y Offset : Moves the hud along the Y axis, so that it can be moved above the demo status line

Demo Status Y Offset : Moves the demo recording status line along the Y axis


Draw Movement Speed

Shows your movement speed on the hud. You can get a graph of your Movement speed as well, but lagometer must be off.

Speed Units : Controlls the type of units to display in the movement speed counter (UPS, mph, km/hr)

Speedometer Refreshrate : Defines the time in milliseconds that the ups meter takes to refresh