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Team and class selection

Players no longer have to use the limbo menu or the complex team command to select team and class.

Class command

the command class allows you to script the selection of team and class.

syntax: class class weapon {secondary weapon}


  • s: soldier
  • m: medic
  • f: field-op
  • e: engineer
  • c: covert-op

Weapon: use the weapon numbers from the class menu below:

Secondary Weapon (optional):

  1. pistol
  2. akimbo-pistol
  3. smg (for soldiers with level 4 heavy weapons)

Here's a template for making your own class binds:

bind KP_END "vstr cs_medic"
bind KP_DOWNARROW "vstr cs_fieldop"
bind KP_PGDN "vstr cs_engi_smg"
bind KP_LEFTARROW "vstr cs_covert_sniper"
bind KP_5 "vstr cs_panz"

// class vstr's set cs_mg42 "class s 2 3;echo spawning as: soldier w/mg42" set cs_flamer "class s 3 3;echo spawning as: soldier w/flamethrower" set cs_panz "class s 4 3;echo spawning as: soldier w/panzerfaust" set cs_mortar "class s 5 3;echo spawning as: soldier w/mortar" set cs_medic "class m 1 2;echo spawning as: medic" set cs_fieldop "class f 1 2;echo spawning as: field-ops" set cs_engi_smg "class e 1 2;echo spawning as: engineer w/smg" set cs_engi_rifle "class e 2 2;echo spawning as: engineer w/rifle" set cs_covert_sniper "class c 3 2;echo spawning as: covert-ops w/sniper rifle" set cs_covert_fg42 "class c 2 2;echo spawning as: covert-ops w/fg42" set cs_covert_sten "class c 1 2;echo spawning as: covert-ops w/sten"

Class menu

using the command classmenu allows the player to select class and weapon:

bind x "classmenu"
  1. soldier
    1. smg
    2. mg42
    3. flamethrower
    4. panzerfaust
    5. mortar
  2. medic
  3. field-op
  4. engineer
    1. smg
    2. garand/k43
  5. covert-op
    1. sten
    2. fg42
    3. scoped garand/k43

Team menu

the command teammenu allows the player to select a team before selecting class and weapon:

bind x "teammenu"
  1. axis --> class menu
  2. allies --> class menu
  3. spectator