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Specific variant

ET Pro allows players more control over voicechats. For voicechats which have multiple variants (eg cheer, negative), players may specify specific voicechats to use.

For example:

/vsay 2 cheer

Would always use the second cheer variant.

Custom text

If the admin has enabled custom voicechats (b_customVoiceChat 1, default) then players may use custom text for the voicechat, e.g.

/vsay enemydisguised Enemy in da skies!
/vsay needengineer We need an engine ear!

You may combine specific variants with custom text, for example:

(as axis):

/vsay 1 negative 9!
/vsay 2 ftattack A TACK!(@*#&

List of Vsay scriptnames

// wm_quickstatements // 

PathCleared "Path cleared." 
EnemyWeak "The enemy is weakened." 
AllClear "All clear." 
Incoming "Incoming!" 
FireInTheHole "Fire in the hole!" 
OnDefense "I'm on defense." 
OnOffense "I'm attacking." 
TakingFire "Taking fire!" 
MinesCleared "Mines cleared." 
OnMyWay "On my way." 

// wm_quickrequests // 

NeedBackup "I need backup!" 
CoverMe "Cover me!" 
NeedEngineer "We need an engineer!" 
NeedOps "We need Covert Ops!" 
Medic "Medic!" 
NeedAmmo "I need ammo!" 
// NeedTarget "I need a target!" 
WhereTo "Where to?" 

// wm_quickcommands // 

FollowMe "Follow me!" 
LetsGo "Let's go!" 
Move "Move!" 
ClearPath "Clear the path!" 
HoldFire "Hold fire!" 
DefendObjective "Defend our objective!" 
DisarmDynamite "Disarm the dynamite!" 
ClearMines "Clear the mines!" 
ReinforceDefense "Reinforce the defense!" 
ReinforceOffense "Reinforce the offense!" 

// wm_quickattack // 

DestroyPrimary "Destroy the primary objective!" 
DestroySecondary "Destroy the secondary objective!" 
DestroyConstruction "Destroy the construction!" 
ObjectiveDestroyed "Objective destroyed!" 
RepairVehicle "Repair the vehicle!" 
DestroyVehicle "Destroy the vehicle!" 
EscortVehicle "Escort the vehicle!" 
//FireOnTarget "Fire on my target!" 

// wm_quickobjectives // 

CommandAcknowledged "Command acknowledged!" 
CommandDeclined "Command declined!" 
CommandCompleted "Command completed!" 
ConstructionCommencing "Construction underway!" 
ConstructionCompleted "Construction completed!" 
ConstructionDestroyed "Construction destroyed!" 
ObjectiveFailed "Objective failed!" 
ObjectiveCompleted "Objective completed!" 

// wm_quickmisc // 
Affirmative "Yes!" 
Negative "No!" 
Thanks "Thanks a lot!" 
Welcome "You're welcome." 
Oops "Oops!" 
Sorry "Sorry!" 

// wm_quickglobal // 
Hi "Hi!" 
Bye "Bye." 
Cheer "Yeah!" 
GreatShot "Great shot!" 
GoodGame "Good game!" 

// wm_sayplayerclass // 
IamSoldier "I'm a soldier." 
IamMedic "I'm a medic." 
IamEngineer "I'm an engineer." 
IamFieldOps "I'm a field ops." 
IamCovertOps "I'm a covert ops." 

// wm_quickfireteams // 

FTMeetWaypoint "Meet at waypoint!" 
FTAttackWaypoint "Attack waypoint!" 
FTDefendWaypoint "Defend waypoint" 
FTAttack "Attack!" 
FTFallBack "Fall back!" 

// wm_quickfireteamssoldier // 

FTCoverMe "Cover me!" 
FTCoveringFire "Soldier, covering fire!" 
FTMortar "Deploy mortar!" 

// wm_quickfireteamsmedic // 

FTHealSquad "Heal the squad!" 
FTHealMe "Heal me!" 
FTReviveTeamMate "Revive team mate!" 
FTReviveMe "Revive me!" 

// wm_quickfireteamsengineer // 

FTDestroyObjective "Destroy objective!" 
FTRepairObjective "Repair objective!" 
FTConstructObjective "Construct the objective!" 
FTDisarmDynamite "Disarm the dynamite!" 
FTDeployLandmines "Deploy landmines!" 
FTDisarmLandmines "Disarm landmines!" 

// wm_quickfireteamsfieldops // 

FTCallAirStrike "Call airstrike!" 
FTCallArtillery "Call artillery!" 
FTMortarBarrage "Call mortar barrage!" 
FTResupplySquad "Resupply squad!" 
FTResupplyMe "Resupply me!" 

// wm_quickfireteamscovertops // 

FTExploreArea "Explore area!" 
FTExploreAtCoordinates "Explore at co-ordinates!" 
FTSatchelObjective "Destroy satchel objective!" 
FTInfiltrate "Infiltrate!" 
FTGoUndercover "Go undercover!" 
FTProvideSniperCover "Provide sniper cover!"