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ET Pro implements an antiwarp system to keep players from "warping" or "teleporting" around, accidentally or intentionally.

Controlling the antiwarp system

b_antiwarp is a server cvar which controls the antiwarp system. The possible settings are:

0 - disabled. ET Pro does no antiwarp at all.
1 - enabled (default). ET Pro keeps players from "warping"

What is "warping"

"Warping" occurs when the server receives several new commands for a player in a very short period of time. This happens because packets from the player were lost or never sent. The player will appear to cross a great distance in a very short period of time, making them hard to hit and possibly allowing them to avoid landmine damage.

How the antiwarp system keeps players from warping

The antiwarp system in ET Pro delays commands when they are received too quickly. Thus, when a player sends 700ms worth of commands in 50ms, the commands will be spread out over 700ms, causing the player to move smoothly to other players. This affects the player who sent the commands too quickly only by increasing their ping, and will not keep increasing ping endlessly - at maximum, the added ping is the highest ping the player is actually getting. If temporary network issues cause ping to increase beyond a sensible number, the player can stand still for a moment and their ping will normalize.

Antiwarp on the lagometer

If antiwarp is triggered, it shows up on the Lagometer as a translucent green like this. The drop at the end shows how the added lag of antiwarp drops off if you stop for a moment.