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ETPro supports Pluggable Config Files. These files provide servers the use of additional features not available from traditional .cfg files.

Creation and Installation

Config files must be located in etpro/configs and their names must end in .config

Config file format

The following shows the .config syntax. This is not a complete config, the ... indicates that in a real config many similar commands would follow

configname "^/foobar^f 6v6"
// config for 6v6 foobar league
   setl sv_pure 1 
   setl sv_cheats 0 
   setl g_gametype 3 
   command "pb_sv_enable" 
   command "pb_sv_kicklen 1" 
   command "pb_sv_cvarempty" 
map default 
   set g_userTimeLimit 0 
   setl g_useralliedrespawntime 0 
   setl g_useraxisrespawntime 0 
   setl b_moverscale 1 
map radar 
   set g_userTimeLimit 12 
   command "forcecvar r_drawfoliage 0" 
   mapscripthash <sha1 hash>
signature <sig>

Config file details

any text following // is a comment and is ignored
version w.x.y.z 
ET will check that version matches the IP returned form If it does, ETPro displays the message "config is latest version available" to all players in warmup. not fully implemented - etpro doesn't currently do the DNS check.
configname <name> 
defines the name of the config. This name is displayed to players in warmup, but is not used to refer to the config in config related commands. The name may contain ET Color Codes
The init block is executed only once, when the config is loaded by referee or rcon/console. It is never reloaded.
map <mapname>|default 
The map blocks are loaded on every map_restart. The parameter is the mapname to match to. A parameter of default will execute that block for all maps. map blocks are executed in order from first to last. Generally you want your default block first, and then specific map blocks to override it.
signature <sig> 
provides crypotgraphic signature to verify that that the config is unmodified. ETPro displays the message "config is certified" to all players in warmup. The signature must be generated by the etpro team.

init and map are followed by a block, delimited by curly braces {}. Each block can contain the following keywords

set <cvarname> "value" 
sets the specified cvar to the specified value.
setl <cvarname> "value" 
sets the specified cvar to the specified value, and locks it so that it cannot be changed by rcon, forcecvar or other means until the config is unloaded

note: setl names and values are limited to 63 characters in etpro versions up to and including 3.2.6

command "command text" 
execute "command text"
mapscripthash <sha1 hash> 
Require a particular mapscript be used for a map. Must appear in a non-default map section. The hash can be found by loading the map and checking the value of the readonly server cvar b_mapscripthash, or be obtained using external hashing tools like sha1sum (1). If the mapscript does not match when the map is loaded, a message will be sent to all players, and the config will be unloaded.

Config related commands

callvote | ref config <config file name> 
set the current config by vote or ref.
config <config file name>|none 
set the current config from the server console, or unload the current config. Settings set by the config remain in effect, but are no longer locked. Map specific blocks are no longer in effect.


  • config none can only be used from the console (or rcon) not ref or vote.
  • you must use the filename of the .config (minus the .config extension), not the 'configname' contained in the .config file. The 'configname' is a longer (possibly colored etc) descriptive name.
  • do not try to load a config with set config <configname>. This will cause the config and ref config commands to stop working until the server is restarted.

Common pitfalls to watchout for

  • Any cvar that isn't a number (vote_allow_config, b_watermark, b_levels_medic etc) must have quotes around it's value, even if its value is a single character.
  • XP levels lists should not have commas in them (b_levels_medic etc)
  • Putting cvars in groups alphabetically as above makes it a lot easier to maintain and verify.
  • Make sure there is an extra newline at the end of the file (after the closing '}')
  • Test your .config - you can do this simply by putting it in your /etpro/configs directory, and starting ET with +set dedicated 2 +exec server.cfg, then calling the .config with /config NAME. The console will report any major syntax errors in the .config
  • Make sure to include all relevant gameplay-related cvars. Most are included in this list.

Getting Your Configuration Certified

The easiest way is to send a private message to bani or Rain or zinx or ReyalP with the URL using the ETPro forums, including a link to the .config hosted on the league's website.

An alternate way, if the first way fails, is to talk to one of the ETPro Developers on IRC.

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