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  • In general, avoid using raw HTML in pages. Use Wiki markup when possible.
  • While Wiki Talk: ("discussion") pages are better than nothing, they are a rather poor mechanism for discussions. A much better solution is to make link(s) on the discussion page to Banimod Forum thread(s).
  • Defacing or otherwise abusing the Wiki will get your account banned.


graphviz is installed. You can see an example here.

pitatable by Deus is installed. You can see an example here.

To Do List

Feel free to jump in and help!

  • Convert Documentation
The posts in the ET Pro Documentation Forum need to be converted to Wiki articles. Ideally, the forum can be deleted once all the threads have been moved to WolfWiki.
  • ETTV Documentation
There are some good ETTV guides for server admins and viewers on the web. They should be converted to WolfWiki articles.