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MullET is a parody modification being created by Rain from the ETPro team and various members of the community. It has a planned release date of around April or May, 2014. (Vote for |Rain| for president!)

Planned Features


  • Mantle system for realistic fence-jumping action!
  • Maps with realistic hurricane damage
  • Weaponslot for a variety of new map-spawned weapons
    • Duct tape
    • 2x4
    • Slingshot
    • Poltergeist Grenades - A very rare weapon that can go through walls. Looks like a white egg.
    • Rotten Eggs - Does 1HP damage per second to anyone in a close proximity.
    • Guillotine Arrow - Slices heads off small animals
  • Shotguns
  • Drivable Camaro for vehicle-based gameplay
  • Great new vsays featuring the voice of Ben Winslow
  • Rabbits (and maybe dogs and birds)
  • Additional Gametypes
  • MulletCam \ő/
  • Radios (Both in-car and others) can be set to stream OGG audio from an Internet radio station.


  • Allied and Axis teams are now Mullets and Rednecks
  • Camaro turbo-charger unit instead of command posts (Engineers required to assemble)
  • Cinderblocks for disabling enemy Camaro units
  • Artillery is replaced by tornados