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The serverinfo cvars Players_Axis,Players_Allies have been removed from etpro.


The cvars could get very long, in some cases so long that they would overflow the serverinfo string and crash the server. There was no way to associate spectator client ID#'s with listed players, nor players who had not yet finished connecting.


ETPro introduces a new cvar which is shorter (so it doesn't overflow the serverinfo string and cause server crashes), easier to parse, and allows for associating player client ID's in all cases.


The new cvar is P, and probably the easiest way to show its usage is by example:

29 frags 30ms bani
106 frags 20ms rain
189 frags 50ms zinx
63 frags 32ms fretn
43 frags 96ms duke'ku
0 frags 999ms ikkyo
100 frags 56ms majikthise
22 frags 108ms boco
31 frags 101ms vio
0 frags 44ms ohayden


In this case the first 8 server slots are empty (client id 0-7), probably private server slots. bani and rain are client ids 8 and 9, both allies. zinx and fretn are client ids 10 and 11, both axis. duke'ku is allied in client id 12. ikkyo is still connecting in client id 13 and has not been assigned a team yet. majikthise, boco and vio are all axis in slots 14-16. slot 17 is empty. slot 18 is ohayden as spectator.