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TrickJumpGhosts or TJG's in short are fake players that playback a recorded movement. You can use them in two ways, the first and easier way is to use the built-in menu and the second way, which is harder to use but more flexible, is to use the console. Important: Cheats must be enabled before you can use this tool.

The Menu Way

To use the menu you have to bind the console command to a key.

Example: /bind j tjg_menu

As you can see there are five menu items:

   * Record: this starts recording your movements.
   * Stop: this stops your movement recoring.
   * Quicksave: if you want to save your impressive jump into a file so you can share it with your friends, use this option.
   * Quickload: this loads the last Quicksaved trickjumpghost, if you want to load other TJG files you have to use the console.
   * Play: play a recorded/loaded ghost back.
   * Pause: pause the playback.
   * Effects: none - flicker - ghost - fire - fire only

The Console Way

Open the console and type the commando /tjg_info, this will give you detailed information about all the TJG cmd's and cvars.

   * tjg_record : starts recording your movements
   * tjg_play : plays back a recorded ghost
   * tjg_stop : stops playing or recording
   * tjg_pause : pauses/resumes the ghost playback
   * tjg_menu : a convenient menu for the tjg tools
   * tjg_save : saves a recording to a file
   * tjg_load : loads a recording from a file