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Client Side Install

To play ETPro online

Simply connect to an ETPro server with downloads enabled on your client.

To host your own game

Download the desired ETPro .zip from the ETPro download page and unzip it into your ET directory, then start ET with fs_game set as described below.
For additional information see the Server Configuration page

To play demos
  • Open the PK3 in a program that can handle zip files. Extract the following files to the ETPro directory:
  • Start the client with the +set fs_game etpro.
    • Command line: Append +set fs_game etpro to the command line.
    • Windows Shortcut: Append +set fs_game etpro to the target box, usually after "C:\Program Files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory". Make sure to place it after the double-quote.


While viewing a demo: Client/Server game mismatch: 'Enemy Territory/ET pro
While viewing a demo: Unknown event: 131
While viewing a demo: BG_EvaluateTrajectory: unknown trType: 0
While viewing a demo: BG_IndexForString: unknown token 'NOT'

This happens when you use the wrong client to playback ETPro 3 demos. The solution is to extract cgame_mp_x86.dll and ui_mp_x86.dll from the most recent ETPro PK3 and put it in your ETPro directory.

While viewing a demo: demo file was truncated or CL_ReadDemoMessage: demoMsglen > MAX_MSGLEN:

This happens when cl_autorecord is non-zero. Set cl_autorecord to 0
the above messages could also be caused by a corrupt demo file.

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Additional troubleshooting

Most problems with hosting games and playing demos, as well as some problems with playing online, are caused by having multiple versions of the etpro files present, or simply having too many files.

For reliable demo playback and local hosting
  • There should be only one etpro-X_Y_Z.pk3 in your etpro directory.
  • Unless you have a specific reason to do otherwise, always use the most recent version. ETPro is backwards compatible with older demos, as well as demos from etmain.
  • The ui and cgame .dll files in the etpro directory must match those in the etpro .pk3 file. Extract them as described above.
  • Many servers force you to download additional skin packs, sound packs, other content. All of this will be present in demo playback or hosted games, unless your move the corresponding files to somewhere that outside of etpro or etmain, or delete them.
  • In addition to the etpro .pk3 the following are required by ET.
    • mp_bin.pk3
    • pak0.pk3
    • pak1.pk3
    • pak2.pk3

To play back a demo, you must also have the .pk3 corresponding to the map it was recorded on. All other .pk3 files may be safely deleted or moved to another directory.