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File installation: Note that the etpro directory should be in the same directory as etmain. Do NOT extract the files to etmain


Unzip the server archive to enemy-territory/etpro/


Unzip the server archive to Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\etpro Starting an ETPro server requires +set fs_game etpro to be appended to the end of the command line.

Linux example:
./etded +set fs_game etpro
etded.exe +set fs_game etpro
Windows Shortcut:
Right click on the shortcut for Enemy Territory and select "Properties." In the "Target" Box (Top text box) add +set fs_game etpro to the end, after the quotes.
"C:\Program Files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\et.exe" +set fs_game etpro

Note: Starting from version ET 2.60, the Windows executables are et.exe for the game and etded.exe for the server. If you want to run a listen server on Windows start your game with et.exe, otherwise use etded.exe for a dedicated server.

If you want to run 2.56 or earlier servers on Windows, you can only use et.exe and append +set dedicated 1 (or 2).


WARNING: Server improperly installed! Incorrect fs_game setting! Please notify administrator.

Incorrect +set fs_game string. Make sure it is set to +set fs_game etpro.

fs_game is write protected.

You must start your server via the command line (Or by changing the shortcut) with the +set fs_game etpro command.

Client .pk3 missing!

The PK3 file that is contained in the server install file is missing. Download the server install again and place the PK3 file in the server's ETPro directory.

Incorrect client .pk3 installed on server!

The PK3 file mentioned above does not match the version of the server. Download the PK3 (And possibly updated server) from the download page.

Multiple client .pk3 versions installed on server!

This means that the server has more than one ETPro client PK3. Remove the older versions from the server's ETPro directory.
This can also happen from having fs_game set twice in your shortcut or config.

Incorrect ET version!

This happens when you are attempting to install ETPro on a non-patched ET server. Download the patch and try again.

Cvar dedicated is 0! Some features will break!

ETPro is meant to be installed on a dedicated server. Set the server to dedicated by using +set dedicated 2 in the command-line used to start the server.

etpro_cheats.dat is corrupt or missing!

The ETPro database file for positively identifying cheats has either been corrupted or does not exist on the server. Download a recent version of the database.

Other Errors

Server sends users the ETPro PK3 file over and over.

If you are using download redirects, make sure that the download path is set correctly if changed between versions. eg: If the old PK3 was in server/etpro2 and the new version is in server/etpro3 and the redirect path in the server configuration was not changed, it would send the old ETPro 2.x files; which not being what the server is using, it would cause the download to start again.
If you are redirecting to an http or ftp server, make sure the pk3 on the http/ftp server exactly matches the pk3 on the game server.
Some http servers may incorrectly try to send pk3 files as text/plain, which will corrupt downloads. Make sure they are sent as application/octet-stream:

*WARNING*: PunkBuster Reports PB Server Running Old Version

Run \Wolfenstein - Enemy territory\pb\pbweb.exe


Run /path_to_et_server/pb/pbweb.x86 (first chmod +x pbweb.x86)

Tips for server admins

In general, the ettv/etded process should be restarted every 20 days or less. If the server is running on windows, the OS should be restarted at the same time.

Q: Why do my logs and console keep getting flooded with stuff like this: saneClientCommand: 5 obj -1

A: See b_showClientCmds in the server cvar list.

Q: rcon stopped working

A: Your server has been up for more than 49 days, you need to restart it.

Q: All clients trying to connect to my ettv server get stuck awaiting gamestate, even though the network is fine.

A: restart it.

Campaign configuration

Campaigns are created by editing a file with the extension ".campaign".

This is the structure of a .campaign file :

	name ""
	shortname ""
	description ""
	maps ""
	mapTC 374 374
	type "wolfmp"
nameThis is displayed at the start of a match when awaiting players to readyup, on the score screen, and also in the top-right of the map loading screen. It can be a maximum of 31 characters long, though to stay within the graphic background of the loading screen, and to preserve the "xofx" text, 13 characters is the maximum. Color codes can be used.
shortnameThe name used to call the campaign using the "campaign" and "nextcampaign" commands.
descriptionThe information displayed on the map loading screen. The available character resolution is 23x26. "\n" is used for a new-line and colour codes can be used.
mapsA semi-colon (";") separated list of maps (up to 10). The map name is the filename found in the \maps folder of the PK3 file, minus the .bsp extension.
mapTCTexture Coordinates -- the x, y location on the map image for the upper left when drawing the small version of the map (e.g. in the server creation menu, or during intermission.)
typeLeave this as the default ("wolfmp")

Example :

	name "^0My ^1Campaign"
	shortname "myCamp"
	description "^1This is an example campaign.\n^0Map 1 : Goldrush\nMap 2 : Adlernest\nMap 3 : Oasis"
	maps "goldrush;adlernest;oasis"
	mapTC 374 374
	type "wolfmp"

The compeleted .campaign file is then usually placed in the "scripts/" directory of either servers' etpro/ directory directly, or in a PK3 file on the server. The difference between the two methods is that if the .campaign file is placed directly on the server, the client wont have the campaign information, and therefore the campaign name, description and number of maps information sections will be empty.

The .campaign file is then referenced using the CVAR b_campaignfile, for example :

  b_campaignfile "scripts/myCampaign.campaign"

Once the campaign file is loaded, the campaign shortname's contained within can be called, using the "campaign" and "nextcampaign" commands, eg :

  campaign myCamp
  nextcampaign myNewCamp


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