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ETTVd is deprecated and not developed or supported anymore.

ETTVd is a control daemon for ETTV servers and manages your live broadcasts, demos and and replays. It's completely written in PHP.
note: ETTVd is not developed or supported by the ETTV/ETPro team. Questions or comments should be directed to the ETTVd authors.

ETTVd v2.02

Screenshots (Webinterface)

Feature Summary: (entire list)

  • Replay of recorded games
  • Multiple broadcast servers showing the same or different games in Live, Semi-Live or Replay mode.
  • Announcer for next game, current game both ingame and in sv_hostname
  • Spam protection with a sticky mute system (/reconnect doesnt help)
  • Display of intermediate maptimes
  • Ingame admin commands !mute, !kick, !reclist, etc
  • Simultanious recording of as many games as you want (limited by cpu/ram)
  • Constantly maintaining the correct ettv_delay
  • Start of recording when enough players are ready
  • Recording pause when players leave the server
  • Disconnect from matchserver after timeout
  • Fully painless matchserver crash recovery
  • Recovery of all sorts of ettv broadcaster crashes (replayers continue where they crashed)
  • Complete demo management for archiving
  • Replay Playlists or playing specific games again
  • Maximum recorders, replayers, slots that can be spawned from the control interface
  • A fully featured webinterface (by skooli)
  • Most settings configurable in a single file
  • ETTVoD ready